Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell my mortgage note? How do note buyers determine a value? What can I do to make my note worth even more? Are you wondering how this whole note-buying process works? Here we have gathered several frequently asked questions to solve your relevant queries:

A. Owner financing is getting popular today since more and more sellers are agreeing to accept payments from buyers. There are many reasons more people are agreeing to take back a note, deed of trust, mortgage, or contract. Some of those reasons are the quick sale of the property, monthly income from the note, no hassles of bank financing (fees, delays, and strict underwriting), more qualified buyers, the property is hard to finance, etc.

A. Many sellers prefer quick lump sum cash Instead of small payments that come up each month. Several reasons people sell their note payments for cash are retirement, taxes, investment opportunity, expensive medical care, vacation, college tuition, unexpected financial changes, etc.

A. A note appraisal shows the current market value of your payments just like a real estate appraisal provides for real property. It gives an assumption of what your future payments are worth in cash dollars today. It is sometimes known as a “note analysis” or “quote”.

A. The aspects that affect the value of your note are determined at the time when the property was sold. However, the three crucial things that you can do to make your note more valuable are:

  • Keeping records and copies of the payments you have received
  • Obtaining a copy of the property insurance policy from the buyer every year
  • Confirming the property taxes are paid when they come due (usually twice a year).

A. We can buy all or part of your payments. Selling part of the payments lets you get a lump sum of cash upfront, then payments when the note returns to you. We can also pay cash for a portion of the payment each month.

A. The value of a note is impacted by several factors such as down payment, payment amount, interest rate, term, the buyer’s credit rating, and payment history, etc. Also, the type, condition, and value of the property impact the value of your note.

A. The payer will experience no change in the structure of the payment. The only change will be in the address where the payments will be mailed.

A. The buying price is paid in guaranteed funds upon receipt of the final transfer package as well as original documents. We also wire funds to the title company so you can exchange your original documents for the proceeds, ensuring the secure transfer of your asset.