Commercial Note Buyers is one of the leading and most trusted buyers of 1st lien seller-financed and secondary market mortgage and deed of trust loans secured by real estate nationwide. All the loans that we buy are properly analyzed as investments for our portfolios and other several private investors. Rather than creating loans, we buy existing loans as per the endorsing guidelines and investment standards determined by ourselves and our Investors as well.

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Are you a private investor who wants to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to realize high, steady, and well-secured returns of your investment dollars? Then you are invited to get in touch with us to receive information about the investment opportunities we can offer. Learn about how you can:

Those who are already an investor in mortgages are requested to provide their contact info and investment preferences. We will inform you of loan purchase opportunities that meet your criteria. If you are new to mortgage investing and want to learn how you can realize good returns on your capital with us, please feel free to get in touch with us.